The Day It All Began (Which would be Day 1)

It is December something right now (if you must, check under this post). Today, the Cubs signed Kosuke Fukudome to a 4 year, $48 million deal. An outfield of The Fonz, Fukudome, and Pie/Pagan/Murton/other inconsistent young outfielder along with D-Lee and A-Ram has some people(meaning me) excited. I've done some research(meaning I've watched a video on YouTube) and he's like a fighter jet made of biceps. Here are some things to look forward to:
  • Arms: Sori, Pie,and Fukudome are not to be fucked with if you're a baserunner.
  • Baserunning: This guy could use some pointers.
  • Left-handed power: I've heard it helps
  • Signs at opposing ballparks: We've already heard some doozies throughout the 'sphere(that's right, I did it), but I can't wait to see what those fatties in Milwaukee have to say. (Sarcasm. I actually couldn't care less. Speaking of the Crew, this is known as a jinx in some suburban inner circles.)
  • Utter disappointment. A horrible injury. A great year!

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